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By using any of our products you can be sure that you get reliability. All of our products are extensively QA tested by REAL traders. Battle tested in the trenches with real cash, no fluff and smokeless cigars in this camp!

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No Soldier should be left in the field without support and our command centre is always just an email away, as active traders ourselves, we resolve problems in minutes, not weeks! Updates are released regularly and at no charge to our loyal soldiers.

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We are always looking to introduce new cutting edge features which evolve from our decades of trading experience and the feedback of our customers. The "Race Line" technology is a testament to this statement. Its only found here and once you start using it you will never look back!


Betcommando now includes a FREE limited version, simply download, login , click the free version link.

Just Some Of The Arsenal At Your Disposal

Grid Interface
Multiple Markets
Ultra Fast One Click Betting
Back The Field
Lay The Field
Web Browser

Ladder Interface
Offset Trading
Fill or Kill
Full Market Depth
Weight of Money
Hedging Function
Ladder hedge Column
Ladder Matchstick Charting

Inplay Animation Interface
Price Tracker Algorithm
Inplay Racetimer
Race Line Technology

Sidebar Mode
Unlimited Ladders
Manual Hedging
Betfair Chart
Line/Volume Chart
Candlestick Chart
Relationship Chart

The Worlds First Inplay Animation - Finally Released To The Public!

Betcommando's world first inplay animation interface is incredible. From here users can see the horses run/lead/takeover/dropback during an inplay horse race much to the delight of our scalper traders. This is presented using our own copywrited proprietary algorithm. And if that wasn't enough the interface contains a race countdown timer based on actual race data. Again another world first! And yes we copywrited this too. Never before have you been able to see where the position of the race was prior to this being developed. Included within this interface is a price tracking indicator which also uses our own proprietary algorithm to indicate where the price may go next... its like having night vision! This interface is designed for the inplay trader who needs to make fast decisions.

Multi-Market Trading

Betcommando allows for multi market trading with auto throttling of API calls. Trade on many markets at the same time using a mixture of grids and ladders whilst also keeping the normal interface for those who prefer the one market.

The Grid

Betcommando's grid interface stacks the 3 best prices on each side of a selection. The grid contains weight of money, chance of winning and other indicators. One click betting allows for faster bet submission than the Betfair website.

The Ladder

Betcommando's ladder interface allows the user to see the full market depth of prices on a selection.

The ladder is the ultimate trading tool. Showing 5 columns across:

  • Unmatched bets and total matched at that price (graphical display and currency).
  • Back side of the market depth.
  • prices and price tracking.
  • Lay side of the market depth.
  • Unmatched bets and hedge column.

The ladder also show a number of statistics including:

  • Chance of winning.
  • Weight of money.
  • Last price matched.
  • Last amount matched.
  • Highest/lowest prices matched.
  • Total matched on selection.
  • The ladder also has a matchstick chart attached for price history and it's own staking buttons for fast stake changing.


No spam - only the latest news and discounts!


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Betcommando now includes a FREE limited version, simply download, login , click the free version link.